Biomedical Researcher in Cardiology & Immuno-oncology

Guide In The Lineage of King Salomon


Are you tired of the mundane aspects of life? Do you long for something more, something greater than what you've experienced?

I spent 15 years conducting medical research in cardiovascular science and immuno-oncology. I loved it, but I found something more impactful in my life than anything I could ever have imagined. I'm excited to be able to share with you, the tools that I have used personally to get out of cycles of anxiety, depression & pain; and to recover from the spiritual and emotional abuse of being in a cult as a young teen. 

So much of the psychological pain I experienced was from society telling my who I should be and how I should behave; programs that were layered on me from childhood so deep that I couldn't tell what was me and what was programing. 

I am here to offer you access to the tools that have helped so many others make positive changes in their lives and remove that programing. It's time to discover who YOU really, beyond what the world has taught you to be. 


My Journey OF Healing Through Chronic Pain

My life sounds a bit like a work of fiction, but I lived through it and can assure you it's very real. 

You can't tell, but I spent a little over 7 years of my life suffering from chronic illness that left me in severe pain throughout my body and numbness in my right leg that was spreading. The last 3 years of this illness was made worse due to a viral release in my lab that left me bed ridden, barely able to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen for a glass of water. 


There was no cure, only monitoring my condition, management through pain killers and the occasional steroid epidural used to calm down my nervous system.

Despite my circumstances, I'm NOT one to give up!

I was desperate to get better, to regain some level of freedom, to begin to live again.


I had tried working with the western medical system for the first two years of my chronic illness and had been severely disappointed. I branched out to alternative medicine and found some level of relief but it wasn’t enough to get me back on my feet.


Even more desperate, I began to search for help in the spiritual communities. I didn’t think I would get anywhere with it, but I hadn’t tried it and I didn’t know what else to do.

Finally I found and received a Life Activation. To my shock, 2 days after receiving the Life Activation, my energy began to return and I was able to start driving again.

In science, we are trained to test our results multiple times before coming to a conclusion. I was also trained that this spiritual was nothing more than a placebo so I couldn't accept that Life Activation had actually done anything. 

I ended up taking Empower Thyself and had another round of major improvements to my life, my emotional state and my health.


Unable to accept the results, I decided to go to Healer's Academy to prove to myself that it was all a coincidence.


What I Experienced Changed My Life!

I never expected to feel anything, to see actual results, but I did.

On this journey, I was able to recover my health, but that was only the beginning. I found a path of self discovery and JOY!

Group Lecture

I got what I was searching for, a way for me to live my life again!

The best part of my journey, is that I can share the tools that have helped me to heal on so many levels with others. 

Life is meant to be lived alive and with JOY!

If you're ready for a change in your life, connect with me to find out if Life Activation is right for you. 

Want more details about my story?

Click the link below to read more about my healing journey and experience being in a cult and how the Modern Mystery School helped me heal.