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Christine HESTIA Estrema

Biomedical Researcher in Cardiology and Immuno-oncology

Guide and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon

Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalist

"With the Modern Mystery School, my mind is continually blown. I am always discovering more about myself, the universe and the world around me. It's truly a wondrous experience."

-Christine Estrema

Christine did biomedical research for 15 years including assisting with open heart surgery. Despite her love of science and technology, she always felt that something was missing from her research. She joined the Modern Mystery School in 2016 in search of healing from chronic pain and began a journey that inspired her to study Metaphysics, Alchemy, Hermetics and Kabbalah. 

After applying these ancient tools and teachings to her daily life, Christine was able to heal herself. In addition, she learned she had a love for helping others on their journey's of self discovery, joy and empowerment. 

Christine has trained as a Teacher, Healer, Guide and Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School. She uses her unique experiences, education and heart to serve her community with teaching, healing and helping people from all walks of life. 

"Life is full of unconsidered possibilities. If you can open your mind just a little bit and begin to consider the possibility of something different, you may just create enough space for a miracle to happen."

- Christine Estrema



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