Life Activation

Allow yourself to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Free up energy so you can focus on your life purpose.

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My experience

For me, Life Activation was the first true start to healing that I found. I had been suffering from chronic pain for several years. As a scientist, I only believed in modern medicine. I spent two years seeing specialists only to be told that I had something known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and that there was no known cure. The best they could do was give me pain medication plus epidurals a couple times a year to manage my symptoms. 

Disappointed I began to look toward the spiritual and alternative medicine communities. I spent about 4 years seeing different types of practitioners, shamans and spiritual healers. While I would get small amounts of temporary improvement, my condition continued to decline. 

Life Activation had a very dramatic effect on my body. This doesn't happen with everyone, but it did for me. Two days after Life Activation my energy began to return. I followed up with Empower Thyself and began to apply those tools to my daily life. I saw dramatic improvement. Eventually, I was able to heal myself, create a life of wholeness and live joyfully.


I don't tell you this to impress you, but to inspire you to imagine the life that you want to live, then go create it.

Get Unstuck!

Find more clarity about your next step in Life

Activate Your DNA &
Align With Your Life Purpose

A lot of us think we know ourselves, but a lot of what we think is us is actually programming of how we were taught we should act, what our life should look like or what success means. Most of this programming happens during childhood, through what our parents taught us, family dynamics, societal norms, trauma we have experienced, fear of lack or loss, etc...


Life Activation allows you to begin to rewrite that programming by giving you access to your personal blueprint hidden within your DNA. It gives you a greater connection to your true self, the core of your being.


The stronger your connection, the greater your ability to


- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually -

When you begin to live according to who you really are, you begin to live a more alive and vibrant life. You find you CENTER, your internal PEACE, and you find JOY!


Benefits Of Life Activation

Empower Thyself

Enables You To Take
Empower Thyself

Aligns & Balances the body's etheric energy structures to enable you to bring in and hold more light in your body

Dormant talents and abilities from your physical lineage may be activated

Increase your creativity & connection to your higher self so you can be aligned more with your life purpose.

Bring more clarity into your life by releasing negative subconscious thought patterns that take up bandwidth in the mind.

There may be clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns


Session Overview

Life Activation is a very gentle process that requires light touch on the shoulders and head areas. 

The beginning of the life activation is a series of etheric structure alignments and balancing. These structures mostly exist within the first 3 feet of your auric layer.

The whole process includes: Crown Chakra Opening, 16 Petal Elemental Balancing, Balancing of the Central Core, Alignment of the Chakras, Elemental Lines and Magnetic Lines and Negative Etheric Crystal Removal, DNA Activation & Infusion with Light

Session Length & Investment

90 MIN | $250