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Move Toward Your purpose, Release Blocks,
Find more clarity about your next steps in Life

Open to a new level of awareness

As we grow up, we are programmed with familial and societal norms that affect our behavior and how we express ourselves in the world.

Every trauma we experience adds another layer to this programming, and can create negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and stuck behavioral patterns that hold us back from living our purpose.

Life Activation allows you to begin to rewrite this programming, dissolving the subconscious blockages that prevent us from connecting to who we really are and healing on multiple levels of our being.


As we let go of the things that no longer serve us, we free up energy to pursue our purpose and the things that bring us JOY in life!

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Benefits Of Life Activation

Aligns & Balances the body's etheric energy structures to enable you to bring in and hold more light in your body

Dormant talents and abilities from your physical lineage may be activated

Increase your creativity & connection to your higher self so you can be aligned more with your life purpose.

Bring more clarity into your life by releasing negative subconscious thought patterns that take up bandwidth in the mind.

There may be clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns

Session Length & Investment

90 MIN | $250

Prerequisites: None


Life Activation Part 1 & 2 are available as a package for $450