Path of Progression

A University for the Soul

With any system of initiation, there is a "Path of Progression" that lays out the steps to advance through the system. Each step is completely optional and one can choose to go as far as they wish with no obligation to continue.


Those who wish to pursue the journey to seeking knowledge and Light in the mystery school tradition,  will soon find the path is anything but linear. Each journey is a unique experience and there are many additional types of training and healings that are not listed on this simplified graph.

The graph outlines the core Path of Progression in the Modern Mystery School. Like a university system, there are often pre-requisites required in order to advance to deeper teachings. Some steps are by application only. As your Guide, I am here to support you in the process and to make sure you have full awareness of your choices as you continue to advance your study and service.


International Classes & Specialty Programs

The classes below are taught only by international instructors but are provided to give you an idea of what may be offered. These programs may be open to the public, for initiates only, or require certain levels of experience. Unique and rare classes sometimes become available and are considered part of the specialty program. These classes might never be repeated so the recommendation is to attend when they are available.


Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah


Elemental Magicks

Etheric Reconstruction

Hermetic Astrology


Ensofic Ray

Interstellar Channeling

Keys to Magick Mastery

Galactic Activation


King Salomon Healing Modality

Sacred Geometry Series

and much more...

The Modern Mystery School International Programs

To attend programs such as Healers Academy and Ritual Master you will be traveling internationally. There are several locations available to take these programs along with specialty classes only available during these programs. If you plan to attend Healers Academy for the first time, please let me know so that I can help you prepare.

MMS International Program Locations: Canada, England, Brazil