A Richer Experience Than A Book

Some days require a good book and a cup of tea… ok, ok… who am I kidding, most days do.

I love books! Reading is such a great way to learn and expand the mind. When it comes to spiritual matters, I went through a phase where I believed I could learn all I needed by reading.

Over the years, I have found that no matter how many books I read, no matter how much I study, these are only dim lights next to the power of a real experience. These dim lights point to something more, a piece of wisdom, understanding yet to be obtained. But true wisdom and understanding comes from taking action and being in the experience.

Yes, you can learn from a book, but without allowing yourself the experience… its value is limited. These experiences do more than expand the mind, they awaken the soul!

This is the reason I’m hesitant to recommend books. There is a tendency for the mind, the ego, to believe that the book has everything within it to awaken itself, when there is a deeper, richer experience waiting to be had that can never be found in a book.

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