Dive into the Mystery of YOU!

Do you know who you are?

It's easy to give yourself a label and say that is who you are, but labels are not you. Take away the labels and what is left?

You are not your career, the circumstances of your life, the traumas you've experienced, a belief system, or any other label that you may have taken up as a banner to stand under.

No, you are much more than that. The mystery of you runs deep. When you dive into this mystery, you begin to discover that you are capable of amazing things, you have gifts and talents that you weren't even aware of.

Inside of you is a safe harbor to withstand all the storms of life, to have joy as you grow through the challenges that come your way.

Developing an intimate relationship with your True Self is the key to self mastery and the ability to create an extraordinary life; to know yourself so deeply that you are not shaken by what happens in the external world; to know the ebs and flows of your inner world and harness the cycles of your life; to accept your weaknesses and cultivate your strengths; to become increasingly aware of your purpose and how to take right action.

You are unique, gifted and magickal... even if you don't recognize that in yourself yet.

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